Site Preferences

Site name: TXP Admin

Site URL:

Site slogan: Fifteen years after it's conception, eleven years after a stable release, the CMS we call Textpattern could use a face-lift.

Production status: Live

Time zone (GMT offset in seconds): New York

Automatically adjust Daylight Saving Time setting?: Yes

Daylight Saving Time enabled? Yes

Date format: Friday October 21, 2016

Archive date format: Oct 21, 08:48 AM

Article URL pattern: /section/title

Doctype: HTML5

Logging: None

Logs expire after how many days? 7

Accept comments? No

Admin Preferences

Image directory: txpimages

User themes directory: txpthemes

File directory path: /home/user/

Maximum file size of uploads (in bytes): 2000000

Temporary directory path: /home/user/

Plugin cache directory path:

SMTP envelope sender address:

Send login details from this email address:

Use ISO-8859-1 encoding in emails (default is UTF-8)? No

Enable XML-RPC server? No

Default administration panel: Write

Admin-side theme: Hive (Flat Neutral)

Publish Preferences

Default publishing status: Draft

Prevent widowed words in article titles? No

Use excerpts on articles? Yes

Allow form override? Yes

Attach titles to permalinks? Yes

Permalink title URL pattern: title-like-this

Send "Last-Modified" header? Yes

Publish expired articles? No

Ping No

Use Textile: Use Textile

Use DNS lookup in visitor logs? No

Use plugins? Yes

Use admin-side plugins? Yes

Allow PHP in pages? Yes

Allow PHP in articles? Yes

Maximum URL length (in characters): 1000

Custom fields Preferences

Custom field 1 name: custom1

Custom field 2 name: custom2

Custom field 3 name:

Custom field 4 name:

Custom field 5 name:

Custom field 6 name:

Custom field 7 name:

Custom field 8 name:

Custom field 9 name:

Custom field 10 name:

Feeds Preferences

Syndicate article excerpt only? Yes

How many articles to include in feeds? 5

Show comment count in feeds? Yes

Include email in Atom feeds? No

Use email address to construct feed IDs? No